CRL-2322: Kidney Cancer

Charles River Laboratories

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PDX model Engraftment
Host Strain Name Site Type Material Material Status Passage
NMRI subcutaneous heterotopic tissue fragment Not Specified 0
Model Quality Control
Technique Description Passage
histology high concordance between xenograft passages <5
Title Pancreatitis From Intra-gastric Balloon Insertion: Case Report And Literature Review.
Authors Gore N, Ravindran P, Chan DL ... Cosman PH.
Publication year 2018
Journal Pancreatitis from intra-gastric balloon insertion: Case report and literature review.
Sex Female
Race / Ethnicity Not specified / Caucasian
Derived Model CRL-2322
Patient Tumor Collection For PDX Model
Collection (Current Model)
Age 79
Diagnosis Kidney Cancer
Type Metastatic
PDX Mouse CRL-2322
Collection Site Lymph Node
Grade Not Specified
Stage ( Classification: )

Sample ID:     Histology:     Tumor Type: Engrafted Tumor     Passage:     Platform: