BCM-4272: Invasive Breast Carcinoma of No Special Type

HCI-Baylor College of Medicine

Related Models
PDX model Engraftment
Host Strain Name Site Type Material Material Status Passage
NOD scid NOD.CB17-PrkdccidJ
orthotopic; mammary gland not provided tissue fragment Not Specified 0
Model Quality Control
Technique Description Passage
Sex female
Ethnicity hispanic or latino
Derived Model BCM-4272
Patient Tumor Collection For PDX Model
Collection (Current Model)
Age not provided
Diagnosis Invasive Breast Carcinoma of No Special Type
Type primary
PDX Mouse BCM-4272
Collection Site not provided
Grade not provided ( Classification: )
Stage not provided ( Classification: )

Sample ID:     Histology:     Tumor Type: Engrafted Tumor     Passage:     Platform: