Submit your PDX data to the PDX Finder to increase their visibility

To start the process please contact PDX Finder team: submissions

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Why submit your data to PDX Finder:

The PDX Finder is the first free global PDX models catalogue to facilitate PDX models discovery. We aggregate and display PDX models metadata and data from academia, large consortia and CROs.

We can collect and display your data making you more discoverable and visible for end-users. All submitted models adhere to the PDX-MI standard making it easy for researchers to search and compare models of interest. We aggregate PDX data to be FAIR with the goal of helping users to freely navigate to the originating source for models and/or molecular data. We supply a description page for each provider and models have clear links to the production centres so the users can inquire about obtaining models for their studies. 

PDX Finder is built with the help of and for the benefit of the community, our service is completely free to providers and users.

Submission process:

When you are ready to submit your PDX models, you will be supported through the process by a member of the PDX Finder team. We currently use spreadsheets for the metadata. In addition to metadata, we encourage producers to upload associated data making models more valuable and discoverable for the users. Currently, we support the following data types: gene expression, gene mutation, copy number alterations, cytogenetics, drug dosing studies, and patient treatment. 

Data can be directly uploaded from other file collections, databases and repositories by a member of the PDX Finder team. Where raw data is available PDX Finder team can deposit corresponding fastq files to the European Nucleotide Archive and link to the submitted models.

To start the process please contact PDX Finder team: submissions

PDX Finder Feedback

PDX Finder is continuously developed in response to community’s needs. We need your feedback to improve and refine the PDX Finder.

Please email us to ask questions, report issues or request features: helpdesk