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The NORLUX laboratory have a longstanding expertise in generating brain tumor patient-derived orthotopic xenografts (PDOXs). Glioma PDOXs are derived from 3D organoid cultures established from patient tumor tissue, followed by an efficient orthotopic xenografting. We have developed > 40 Glioblastoma xenografts, including longitudinal models from patients prior and after treatment. We also established PDOXs from grade III/IV gliomas carrying IDH1 R132H mutation. We have performed a detailed molecular and morphological characterization, including histopathological assessment, genetic aberrations and mutations (array-CGH, targeted DNA sequencing), DNA methylation and gene expression. NORLUX models are applicable for preclinical drug testing in vitro (3D organoids) and in vivo.

NORLUX is a member of the EurOPDX Consortium . EurOPDX is supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 731105 EDIReX

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